You Have to Keep the Beat...

So, I'm back in San Diego from the convention. Lots of sweet stuff happened. Lots of awesome talks between folk. I guess that you could say that, in general, a good time was had by all. I had a major moment of "Hey Josh, this is God. Pay attention to this! I'm going to teach you something!" on the last day. And it came from a drummer named B-wack. Go ahead, read the last sentance over again. B-wack.

On the last day of the convention, I was standing listening to, watching, and singing along with the David Crowder* Band. Now when I am at a concert I tend to watch each band member individually for at least a couple of songs. I am fascinated at the way each musician plays. Especially drummers. So, naturally I watched DCB's B-wack (Dude, that's his name on the website.) whilst he "layed down some beats". While I watched, I began to think about something.

Anybody who has ever played in a band knows that the drums are the heart of the band. if something happens to the drums in the middle of a song, everybody else gets off beat and falls apart. Without precision percussion played perfectly (Ha! So glad I'm typing this!) the band just doesn't work. People look at the "lead" singer as the person who leads the band. But it doesn't matter how good he can sing or how charismatic he may be in front of a crowd, he has to follow a beat. So, as such an integral part of the band, B-wack has to practice and constantly make himself better. (And he's already so good!)

The same principle applies to me as the leader of a ministry. God has appointed me to be the pastor, or the "drummer" of a ministry to Middle School students. As the leader, it's absolutely integral to the health of my ministry for me to be constantly "practicing" by doing things that make me a better pastor.

How do I do that? I become better by following the beat that is set for me by my drummer. When I follow the greatest drummer of them all, Christ, I am constantly transformed to be more like Him. I am made into a better leader. Christ is the heartbeat of me. I am the heartbeat of my ministry. (Not as the object of worship, but as the person who says, "Hey everybody, Christ is the answer! And I know Him! Come follow me and I'll introduce you!"

You're probably a leader in some aspect of your life. You might lead in your home, or at your job, or maybe in your group of friends. You "keep the beat" for someone. Whose beat are YOU marching to? How do you stay on that beat? Keep practicing to make yourself better so that you can lead others to the greatest drummer of them all...

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