Bros Before Ta-hoes...

I'm not much for taking vacation. I like to work. Actually, my work isn't really like work to me at all. I love my church. I love my students. I love my job.

That being said, right now I'm on vacation. This is the first vacation I've taken since starting at my church. I'm in beautiful Carson City, NV visiting an old friend from my internship in Orange County. I've been here since Thursday evening and I leave tomorrow around 4:00pm. This is exactly what I needed.

I didn't realize how much I missed being in the woods. On Saturday, we hiked up a trail to a waterfall. All along the way, I jumped over all the puddles I could, Climbed every rock I saw, and enjoyed every second of it. Today, we did church and then went up to Lake Tahoe. Now, I have been some places in my life. (AND, let's not forget that I am from the great state of South Carolina!) But, I have to say, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my entire life. Today, I stood on top of a rock, at the top of Lake Tahoe, in 80 degree sunny weather, and looked out over gi-normous snow covered mountains. I climbed up AND down rocks. I climbed all the way down to the lake itself and splashed around in the water. I even found a natural made shelter and dreamed about abandoning civilization and living there like Grizzly Adams.

This has been a wonderful time of friendship, relaxation, excitement, fun, laughing, cooking, great stories, brain-picking, encouragement, prayer, excercise, and renewal. Thank you, Father, for giving me these 4 days.

If you want to check out a couple photos from my trip, feel free.

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