Futurama is Awesome...

Right now, I'm in Palm Springs on our annual Staff Huddle. Everyone on staff looks forward to slowing down for a few days and being with friends. Here's a couple of thoughts after the first day:

-Palm Springs is hot. Yeah, I know. I live in California. But I mean HOT!!! I think it was approximately 1000 degrees today. My fingernails might have melted off.

-I love the staff that I get to work with. They are all extremely cool people and fun to be around. Even Rod.

-I'm kind of getting tired of the look of this blog. Do any of you have any suggestions for places I could find sweet templates? I'll be your BFF...

-The best dessert in the entire world is Banana Spring Rolls from P.F.Chang's. I both love it, and am in love with it.

-Our senior pastor gives the staff gifts every year here at the Staff Huddle. Last year was a duffle bag and backpack embroidered with the church name. This year, he gave us iPod Nanos. I know!

-Getting to know people who you see everyday, but don't normally talk to is awesome!

-Last year, when we were here, I had some kind of allergic reaction that turned into a viral thingy on the side of my left eye. As a result, I was put on some medication that prevented me from being out in the sun. Being the new guy on staff + not being able to go out in the sun while everyone else does + worrying for the entire week about something I had no control over = a horrible time. This year is going to be different. It's off to a great start and I am going to be out in the sun with everybody tomorrow until I pop and sizzle like Bacon. (The food, not the guy from Footloose.)

-I haven't posted regularly in a while. That's going to change starting Thursday. That's right, the TV fast starts in 2 days! I have some sweet ideas for some different posts.

-I am kind of new at this blogging thing. Do you guys have anything that you would like to see here?

-More from Palm Springs tomorrow...

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