Variety Is the Spice of Life...

So, right now I'm sitting in the worship center at our church watching my students rehearse their acts for our One Life Revolution benefit variety show.

For those who haven't heard of it, One Life Revolution is an organization started by Mike Yaconelli, the co-founder of Youth Specialties and an organization called World Vision. OLR's mission is to raise awareness of the need for help in the nation of Zambia. The AIDS pandemic is sweeping through the nation and has left almost no one untouched. So, OLR has made it their mission to go into Zambia and build houses, schools, and clean water wells.

A couple of years ago, the Middle School staff here decided to use OLR to make our students aware of the needs of others throughtout the world. They decided that, rather than do a fundraiser or collect an offering, they would put on a benefit variety show. Students, volunteers, and parents all put on acts; some musical, some dance, some acting. Everybody works really hard and the show is tonight.

I'm so proud of the work that everybody's done. Hopefully, we'll be able to raise enough money to do some wonderful things in Zambia. I'll let you know how it turns out...

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