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Today I noticed that, once again, I have added some peeps to the "Sweet Blogs" section on the right. How could I ever expect you guys to become friends without a proper introduction? So, here they are; awesome peeps who have awesome blogs, and why you should read them...

Matt McGill- To say that Matt is awesome would be a gross understatement. He has been involved in student ministries in some capacity for somewhere around 13 years or so. (Sorry dude. I forgot how old you are!) Besides being an incredible pastor, planner, administrator, and the personification of mentally tough, he's also one of the most caring and wise people I've ever known. Check out his blog for a slice of that wisdom.

Jason Pogue- Pogue's a great dude that I met during my internship. He's easily one of the best Jr. High volunteers around. Not only that, but he's a pretty stern Fantasy Football Commissioner. Check him out for some great insights on being a dad and volunteer.

Puddles- You're probably asking yourself two questions. 1)Who names their kid Puddles? and 2) Who is in that picture on the left? Well, Puddles' real name is actually Eric Putman. I have to say that he's got to be one of my closest friends. He's a Middle School Pastor in Visalia, CA, but he's from Dallas, TX. Which leads to question #2. Above, from left to right, is Puddles, then Jerry Jones: owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Check out Puddles' blog for amazingly funny accounts of what ministry is like in between Northern and Southern California.

Gerry Rojas- Gerry is another guy I met during my time in Orange County. If there's another human on the face of the earth that may rival my level of nerdiness, it's Gerry. But aside from that, he's an amazing friend and an even better volunteer in student ministries. Check him out for all kinds of awesome concerning technology, ministry, people, and pretty much anything else!

Leigh Sarti- I can describe Leigh in three words: Hilarious. Austrailian. Not Paul Hogan. OK, that was more than three. But, he does own and operate one of the most talented design houses that I've ever seen. If you need any graphic design or any graphic resources, like countdowns, backgrounds, logos, or anything else of that ilk, check him out at Sarti Design

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