Shuffle Up and Deal...

In an effort to excercise more creative license in my blogging, I have decided to include some different "regulars" from now on. The first being "Shuffle Up and Deal".

One of the many technological devices that rules my life is the iPod. Those of you who can proudly call yourselves owners of this little white addiction know what I mean. Those of you who don't have one yet, I will pray for you. So, since I stand for truth, justice, and the American way, I thought that I would use my weakness to make your lives better.

Today, I hit "Shuffle Songs" on my iPod, and I'm going to post the first five songs that came up. No matter what they are!!! (This could potentially come back and bite me because I have music on my iPod that I would be embarrassed if anyone found out that I listened to. Backstreet's back!) Every Friday, come back to find a different person's "First Five". This week is me. Next week; who knows?

So, without further adieu, my "First Five"...

1) It's In the Way That You Use It by Eric Clapton

2) Masquerade by Caedmon's Call

3) Ready When You Are by Justin McRoberts

4) Put Yourself In My Shoes by Clint Black

5) Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by Colin Hay

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