TV Fast Update #1...

I started my TV fast on June 1, somewhere around 12:30pm. So, this being June 5, I suppose that means that I have gone without the entertainment medium for about 4 days.

To be honest with you, for the first 2 days it wasn’t tough at all. On Thursday, I had just gotten back from a staff retreat in Palm Springs, so I had to work on Friday and all day on Saturday to make sure everything got done for the weekend service. But then Sunday afternoon came.

Oh, how I usually long for Sunday afternoon. You see, in church ministry, your whole week basically revolves around Sunday. No matter what goes on during the week; good or bad, Sunday services still happen. That’s why, for me, Saturday afternoons are usually a little stressful. I’m usually making sure that all of the loose ends are tied up so that our Middle School service for Sunday morning is as good as it can be. Consequently, the very thing that makes Saturday afternoons stressful also makes Sunday afternoons so sweet. As soon as service is done, I am free of worry and stress (in theory) for 44 ½ hours. (My day off is Monday.) I am usually free to not think for 44 ½ hours as I sit in front of a glowing gray box that softly sings me in and out of sweet, restful slumber. It sings to me with it’s songs of 4th graders in a small Colorado town, or beautiful Italian chefs with gorgeous smiles, or warriors who have come to defend the honor of their little township in Wisconsin against the godless pagans from Chicago and Minnesota. Oh, how I usually long for Sunday afternoon.

So, needless to say, I was worried that it was going to get a whole lot tougher once I got past service this past Sunday. But, I was pleasantly surprised.

For the past three weeks, we’ve been doing a teaching series in Middle School called “A Piece of My Mind”. I invited three guest speakers to teach in Middle School and allowed each of them to choose their own message topic under this guiding question: If you were only given one chance to teach our Middle School students, (Which, depending on how good you are, you may only be given one chance!) what would be the one thing you would want them to know? I gave them this question in the hopes that it would draw out the thing that they are most passionate about. The song their heart sings for free. So, this past weekend, Marko taught. He did a wonderful job! He taught on God’s grace and how there’s nothing that we can do to change the fact that God loves us. (This is a message that I think my students really need to hear!) Afterwards, he and his family invited me out to lunch.

We had a good lunch at Souplantation and a great time hanging out. He has an awesome family! After spending an hour and a half, maybe two with them, I knew that I had to face the music and go home to begin my Sunday afternoon without TV.

One of the goals I set for myself for this month was to read four books. I’m a guy that has a lot of trouble finishing books. I have no trouble at all starting them. Just finishing. So, I picked up a book that I bought on August 8th of last year, Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller. And, to my surprise, finished it today at 6:15pm.

I read a 240 page book in less than 24 hours.

And, what’s more, I loved it!

I just wanted to give you an update on how the fast is going (good). I’ll post tomorrow on my thoughts on Blue Like Jazz.

Oh, and do me a favor. Pray for me, that I would use the next 25 days to ruthlessly pursue God. My intent is, that in giving up something that I love (TV) for thirty days, I would be able to fall more in love with God than I ever have before…

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