TV Fast Update #2...

Here's another brief update on the fast; how things are going and what I'm learning.

-Last night I dreamed I was watching TV. More specifically, I dreamed I was watching TV in my bedroom while ironing something. There are 2 things wrong with this. 1) I don't have a TV in my bedroom. And 2), If you've ever seen me, you would know that since 98% of my wardrobe is t-shirt and jean based, I don't do a lot of ironing.

-Also in news from last night, I finally accomplished a goal that has eluded me for nearly 5 months. Since February, I have been trying to run a mile on the eliptical machine on FULL INCLINE at the gym in under ten minutes. The closest I had gotten up until last night was 10:02. Last night I ran it in 9:57. Needless to say, I am the man.

So, what have I learned so far?

1) Watching TV everyday for close to 25 years, and then quitting cold turkey, makes you a little crazy. I can't believe I dreamed I was watching TV! I must really need to do this!

2) If you stop watching TV after almost 25 years, you will become stronger, faster, and able to accomplish your wildest dreams...Which, apparently in my case, means watching more TV...


joshua michael said...


You have inspired me to do the same with TV. It has been about a week and it's going pretty well. The only expection I have made is that I am only watching the Andy Griffith Show.

offroadcamry said...

Good luck Josh. Actually, this hasn't been as hard as I though it would be. But then again, I'm only on day 10. Maybe day 20 will be a lot tougher!