Willow Creek Arts Conference: Day 3...

Today was the start of Act 2 of the conference. We began this morning with a main session that started off with Charlie Hall leading worship again. After he was through, Bill Hybels came up and taught on something that he calls “Holy Discontent”. I was actually pretty disappointed when I saw that he was teaching on this topic, as it was the same lesson that he closed out last year’s leadership summit with. But, I’m thinking that maybe I didn’t pay too much attention at the summit, because God totally spoke to me through it today.

After the main session was over, it was time to divide up into breakout sessions. We get to go to five different breakout sessions while here, and we get to pick the topics that we want to go to.

The first session that I went to was called “What Sinks and Side-Tracks Leaders” by a guy named Dan Webster. I’ve been trying to take as many things on leadership as I can while here. I realized this last night: as a minister, I’m decent. I mean, I don’t know everything. I still make mistakes. I still have a long way to go. But, I’ve got a good heart and I love God, my students, and my church. But as a manager, I have A TON of work to do. To be honest, when I got into youth ministry, I didn’t know that I would have to manage adults. I thought I’d be hanging out with kids. So, a year and a month into this gig, I’m realizing that this is definitely an area that I need improvement on. Anyway, he taught on three things that slow leaders down or take them out: Laziness/complacency, Temptation, and Discouragement. He spent a lot of time talking about why each thing is so dangerous to a leader, and then how to defend ourselves against it. It was truly amazing stuff. He has a book called The Real Deal, that helps with recognizing weaknesses in ourselves and then helping us to deal with them before they deal with us. I’m buying as soon as I get back.

And guess what! We've got another body double. Dan webster equals Andy Brazelton in 30 years.

The second session that I attended was called Immediate Impact: Restructuring Life and Ministry Around the Life of Your Soul by Mindy Caliguire. I have to say that I actually had a lot of trouble connecting with this speaker. I could tell that she had a great heart for the topic. But I felt like her presentation was wanting. It was right after lunch and she spent a lot of time taking comments from the crowd. It was mainly spiritual disciplines. She had no powerpoint and hardly any notes in the packet she handed out. She seems like she would be a great person to have lunch with and engage one on one, but in a large group teaching session, not so much.

Session three was called Mind Map Your Way to Creative Thinking. It was taught by a guy named Will Flora. He works for Chick-Fil-A, which automatically makes him cool. However, I must confess. I skipped it. That’s right. I skipped. I got there a little late, everybody was around tables and there weren’t many more seats. (Even though I had a ticket which was supposed to guarantee me a seat!) So, no review on this session. Although Will, if you’re reading this, nothing personal. I’m sure you did a great job. For the record; I did think you were a cool guy during the 7 minutes I was in the room.

Ahh but you guys don’t want to hear about all of that. You want to know how Superman Returns was. Don’t you? Well, too bad. I’m tired. So, you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. But I promise I will post a review (complete with an official Yarmulke rating™) tomorrow. Until then, I hope this doesn’t put you off flying…

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