Highway To the Danger Zone...

Tonight (Friday) at church, our High School Ministry ran the service. High School students led worship for the whole church body, performed a skit, emceed the service, and the High School Pastor, Brian, gave the message.

I had the dubious task of performing as Principal Hoover in the skit.

Please notice the diagram above. It's a drawing of our stage in the worship center. You'll notice that it's shaped like a half-circle with a kind of "T" shaped platform in the middle. Because the platform is shaped like a "T" it leaves two triangle shaped holes in the stage.

Yeah...I fell through the one on the right tonight during practice. There I was; minding my own business, not looking where I was walking. And...boom! I'm four and half feet lower.

Brian rushed onto the stage to see if I was OK. Truth be told it didn't hurt at all. More of a giant noise. But no pain. By the time everyone realized what happened, I had already rolled over on my back and started laughing. I realized 25 minutes later that I cut my ankle open pretty good.

Yeah...Good times...


Alanna Marie said...

I'm really glad thats a diagram of the stage...when the page first opened it looked like a pair of briefs...which you might conclude would be very awkard...especially considering the caption, "danger zone." Anyway...I'm glad there's no awkwardness between us anymore.

Snyder said...

i so wish i could have witnessed that.