Shuffle Up and Deal: Allison Hibbard...

It's time to "Shuffle Up and Deal"! This week's guest is an amazing friend of mine from my time in Orange County, Allison Hibbard. Allison is one of the pastors who works on the Junior High team at Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest, CA. Here are a few fun facts about her: 1) She is one of the more creative people I know. 2) She is one of the only people in the known universe who can hold their own in Pop Culture Trivia with me. 3) She is extremely passionate about her relationship with Jesus and about showing Junior High students how they can grow in their relationship with God. She's an amazing pastor and a great friend. So what were the "first five" songs that came up when she hit "shuffle" on her iPod?

See for yourself...

1) Autumn In New York by Harry Connick Jr.

2) Before Me and You by SHeDAISY

3) I Guess It's Chritmas Time by N*SYNC

4) Rock Steady by No Doubt

5) This Love by Maroon 5


Alli Hibb said...

In my defense, there are Christmas songs on my i-Pod, but I do not listen to them until the day after Thanksgiving. I was so ashamed to put that on my list...and *NSYNC Christmas, nonetheless.

Joshua Griffin said...

I was bummed because you didn't have any Carrie Underwood. :( JG

Leigh Sarti said...

*NSYNC - you had a choice when you converted from CD's to the iPod, you didn't have to add *NSYNC Christmas to your iTunes Library. Bad Choice.

Joshua Griffin said...

Hahahah ... JG

Matt McGill said...

You know I couldn't last, Morrissey
Waiting Room, Fugazi
I am trying to break your heart, Wilco
Ronnie, Metallica
Human, Metsallica