Shuffle Up and Deal: Mark Oestreicher...

What day is it again? Friday? Oh my gosh! That means it must be time for another edition of "Shuffle Up and Deal"! Hmm... Whose iPod would the readers of this blog really like to be able to take a peak into? How about Mark Oestreicher, better known as Marko! I have known Marko for about a year and a half and can say that I love being his friend. Not only is he a cool person in general, but he's a great dad to his kids, an awesome husband to his wife, and an amazing source of knowledge about youth ministry. After all, he's been doing it for somewhere around 25 years! He serves as president of Youth Specialties, a tremendous organization committed to encouraging and resourcing youth workers everywhere. A great volunteer, dad, friend, and dude.

Let's see how great his "First Five" are...

1) Life in the D by Brendan Benson

2) All About It by The Getaway People

3) Come On Home by Franz Ferdinand

4) 40 by Starfield

5) Change II by The Alarm

UPDATE: When Marko emailed me his songs, he actually included 10. As per the rules of "Shuffle Up and Deal" I only posted five. But I feel like being a maverick this week, so here's Marko's "Second Five"...

6) Show Me How to Live by Audioslave

7) Claire de Lune by Claude DeBussy

8) Deep River Corp. from The Very Best of Asia Lounge

9) Babylon II by David Gray

10) Looks Like I'm Up Sh** Creek Again by Tom Waits


Joshua Griffin said...

Pretty tame! I was expecting some pretty hard stuff. What else you got on there? JG

marko said...

i went outside the lines and gave josh my top 10. but apparently he can only think INSIDE the lines (that saddleback training, and all). c'mon, treece -- live a little -- show the list o' ten.