Shuffle Up and Deal: Mike Lovato...

We're back with a post-Summer Camp edition of "Shuffle Up and Deal"! This week's guest is a former colleague and good buddy from my time in Orange County, Mike Lovato. Mike is the Student Ministries Pastor of Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church in Riverside, CA. He was one of the guys on our old team that i would frequently turn to for wisdom when it came to ministry. Not only because he had already been a Middle School Pastor, but because he was full of it. Wisdom. I mean... He's one of the greatest guys on the planet and I love having him as a friend.

Let's see how his "First Five" measure up...

1) Release the Deep by Telecast

2) Constancy by Slick Shoes

3) Gemini Dream by the Moody Blues

4) Silver Clouds by the Cells

5) Get Down by Audio Adrenaline


Alli Hibb said...

hey. it also could have been "GET DOWN" by Logan Muchow on the Wildside CD...be proud that it wasn't, Mike!

muzik316 said...

HAAHAHAHA!!!! I do love me some Audio A

muzik316 said...

I just found out this morning that Audio A has called it quits... no one told me before now!!!!!!

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

1.Please know...I have never seen nor do I ever desire to see JG's butt! ( love ya JG, but I'll pass)
2. I check out your blog everyday
3. I know you like lists, me too
4. Next time you are in the area and you don't call me I will aim to kick you in the most sensitive area on your body.
5. Who is muzik316?
6. One of my favorite memories with you is when we watched the McGill kids and B was only a couple months old and you couldn't change diapers!!
7. I really truly miss you.
8. yes I did have to delete my previous comment because I found many spelling mistakes. (I'm sure I forgot some)

Joshua Griffin said...

Come on! Now I want to stage a picture like that! And Mike, this is pretty tame. Admit it, you doctored this list! Come on!



Alli Hibb said...

Courtney, I believe what you meant to say is not that he could not change a diaper...he actually threw up in his mouth while changing the diaper and had to hold it there until he could run to the sink.

Can't wait to tell that story to his future wife.

Matt McGill said...

dear josh,
your mind is not like plinko, you have more control than that. or, you should have more control than that. mental toughness.
ps 90 minutes at the beach camp?