Back To School, Back To School, To Prove To Dad That I'm Not a Fool...

It seems like you guys really liked hearing about our mid-week program, Dive-In Movies. So I thought I'd try to jot down a few thoughts on our Back 2 School Bash. Hopefully, these will change your life forever.

Or at least make you laugh for a second or two...

1) Due to my choice of going to the Packers game on Saturday night, and the Leadership Summit occurring the 2 1/2 days prior, my work week was pretty short. Unfortunately I didn't have the weekend service as planned as I normally do. This caused me to forget to promote the B2SB the Sunday before it occurred. We still had 26 students show up. All of who were super stoked to be there! I think that I feel the tide shifting in our ministry...

2) Do you expect students to get messy? Then you'd better expect them to apply the aforementioned "messy" to your brand new, sweeter than anything South Carolina T-Shirt.

3) When I was in youth group, I used to look at event names and groan, saying things like, "When I'm a youth pastor, I'm never going to call my event something stupid like "Summer Kick-Off" or "Sandblast". Yeah... Remember that summer, way back in 2006, when I couldn't think of anything better than "Summer Kick-Off" and "Back 2 School Bash"? *Editor's Note: As punishment to myself, a dude who prides himself on creativity, for not thinking of a better name for our end of summer event, I made myself use a "2" instead of "to". This makes it seem more 1987. Thereby making my heart hurt infinitely more.

4) See that picture up top? That's a kid bobbing for cinnamon Jolly Ranchers in 4 cans of Baked Beans. You should do this at as many events as possible. *Editor's Note: It helps a lot if you make puking noises into a megaphone while they're doing this.

5) There is nothing better in life than watching an 8th grade girl come within millimeters of beating an 8th grade guy at kajavicancan.

6) Half-planned games last 53 seconds. *Editor's note: There is no hyperbole whatsoever in the preceding sentence.

7) I finally had an excuse to buy a megaphone and a stopwatch. I have wanted these two things for quite sometime, but couldn't justify their purchase. Now that I have them, I'll be the loudest person to know exactly how long it takes to get from my apartment to Target.

8) We finally got rid of the last of the chips from Dive-In Movies! Toughest bag to get rid of: Lay's Flamin' Hot. *Editor's Note: This was actually an answer to prayer, as I was worried that I would be eating chips for 3 1/2 weeks after this event.

9) Since I got into youth ministry in 1997, I have never done an event where at least one student's parent hasn't been at least 30 minutes late. This 9 year streak was broken last night, when the last student's dad picked him up 2 minutes before 8:30pm. *Editor's Note: For some reason I was bummed about this.

10) Once again, a great event! I would like to give full credit to my amazing team of leaders. The Lord has brought some truly great people to work with our Middle School students! Not only do our students win by being blessed in amazing ways by this team of caring adults, but I win every time I get the priviledge of serving alongside them.

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Courtney said...

when you were purchasing the beans and the Jolly Ranchers it sounded gross, but seeing it makes me want to throw up. (which means kids love it)