San Diego Super Chargers...

I love my leaders! And here's why: Some of you may have read about my excitement about finally being able to see Brett Favre play live. My excitement could only have been matched by Ben. Ben is one of our Middle School leaders and has been with us since March. I love having Ben on our team for a couple of different reasons:

1) Ben is a Packers fan. Big time. My first Sunday at the church, Ben's little brother, who was in 8th grade at the time, ran to tell him that I was a Packers fan after our first service. Ben came straight to the room because he couldn't wait to meet me!

2) Ben has a huge heart! I mean, it is so evident in everything that he does that he loves people. And I love watching him with our students.

3) He gets excited about doing things in our weekend services for no other reason than to make our students have a great time.

For instance, going into Saturday's pre-season game, Ben made a bet with Silas, a Chargers fan and fellow Middle School leader, in front of the entire group. They each bet that, whoever's team lost, would have their face painted by the winner in the winning team's colors. Then they would have to stand in front of the whole group during service and sing a song of the winner's choosing.

Well, unfortunately, the Pack came in second place at the game. So, as you can see from the above picture, Ben got his face painted. Not only did he follow through with his side of the bet, but in doing so, he got students excited about coming to church.

This past Sunday was our biggest this summer: 106 students! I even had a parent come up to me on Saturday asking about Ben's bet. He said that his daughter had come home talking about it and how excited she was. "She even said that she wants to watch the game!", he said.

So, not only is Ben showing students the incredible love of Jesus Christ, but he's also spreading the good news of football. Talk about evangelism...

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