Shuffle Up and Deal: Alanna Pearson...

A late (and somewhat rushed) edition of "Shuffle Up and Deal"! This week, our featured guest is Alanna Pearson. Alanna is an amazing youth minister in Orange County. When I lived in Orange County (to my dismay) I didn't hang with Alanna too much. But, since I started reading her blog, I have come to realize that once I complete my time machine, I will go back in time and hang. What does someone who uses "The Brave Little Toaster" to illustrate redemption have on their iPod?

Let's find out...

1) Dirty Harry by Gorillaz

2) My Poor Brain by Foo Fighters

3) The Deep by Further Seems Forever

4) Holiday In Spain by Counting Crows

5) Adding To the Noise by Switchfoot


Alli Hibb said...

i LOVE holiday in spain.
josh, i would like a 2nd go at this game...i think my iPOD failed me the first time.

Ryanne said...

This is so bogus...there had to be some changes made to this list. There is no way that a boy band, pop queen, or Disney classic didn't show up on that list.

For those of you who are wondering...I do use bogus in my everyday vocabulary.

Alanna Marie said...

ryanne...i was just as suprised! Ask Josh...when I emailed him the list I told him how suprised I was that not one 'n sync song showed up!

I didn't change anything. Promise. Maybe I'm just maturing...eh probably not.