Finish the Sentence...

Hooray! I finally got tagged!

I don't know... if I’ll ever get what I really want the most.

I talk... about things that make me look like a nerd.

I love... banana spring rolls from P.F. Chang’s.

My best friend... was given his nickname by a three year old.

My first real kiss... was stolen from me.

I hate it when people... blow their nose in public.

Love is... epic: spanning years, and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. Epic!

Marriage is... an institute you can’t despair-age.

Somewhere, someone is thinking... too much. That someone is me.

I'll always... feel like I could have done better.

The last time I cried was because... I felt overwhelmed and unable to handle something.

My cell phone... can dance when placed on a table.

When I wake up in the morning... I prefer to not be talked to… AT ALL!

Before I go to sleep at night... I watch “The West Wing”.

Right now I am thinking about... chinese food.

Babies are... the cause of the last time I threw up.

Today I... was struck in the foot by a frozen turkey.

Tonight I will... watch the Chargers beat the Broncos and maybe, maybe, start unpacking my bedroom.

Tomorrow I will... work, spend some time writing, and pick up a friend from the airport.

I really want... to go to Disneyland, a booqbag, an authentic Brett Favre jersey, or I’d settle for a Rush's chili cheeseburger basket, ketchup/mustard only, no slaw, extra fries.

Guess what? I tag Steve Faiai, Puddles, and Tara Kaya...

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