NFL Predictions...

Perhaps you've wondered what my predictions are for the end of this NFL season. Well, here they are. And because I am the very model of a modern major general and have information vegetable, animal, and mineral; you can bet your sweet cheesehead they'll be right...

AFC Championship
Winner: San Diego Chargers

NFC Championship
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Superbowl XLI
Superbowl Champion: San Diego Chargers


Jason Pogue said...

It's interesting that you have the Bears in the Super Bowl, despite losing to the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game. Somehow I dont think Dallas would allow for that, but hey - I guess anything is possible!

After all, you are all but guaranteeing it!


Puddles said...

You are right about one team making the superbowl and that team is not the chargers.

Jason Pogue said...


I guarantee that the Chargers will CRUSH the Cowboys should they play this season.


Puddles said...

You are right Pogue.
They looked so dominant against the Raiders last week.

Sounds like a bet though.

But good luck getting past the Colts or Patriots in the playoffs.