Should You Be Watching/Enjoying Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip...

The answer, of course, is yes. But, this is pretty funny, so I figured I'd post it.

This will be my last substance-less post for a while...


Alli Hibb said...

I don't know why the show is getting such a bad rap...I think it's really good.

BW said...

I'll take some blame.

Puddles said...

Here are some key factors that might be why the show isnt doing well.

#1. It comes on too late at night.
#2. Not near enough drama. Too slow.
#3. It is "too smart" for most Americans.
#4. They talk too fast.
#5. Everyone still thinks of Matt as Chandler.

Add all of these together, not a good show.

josh said...

The show tries to be so fast-paced and "smart" ... but it ends up making the characters a little too perfect with the all of the right answers at exactly the right moment. Is that what Hollywood considers "smart?" By the time they fall, and we're finally starting to see that, well you've given up on them and written them off.

I will say, this week's episode - the skits on the show were FINALLY worthy of being shown. The skits (which thankfully they usually just imply and don't show) are usually terribly lame - much like the real SNL.

I would say that the show TRIES to be "smart," occasionally is, and the characters needs to be a bit less powerful and arrogant and a bit more flawed pretty soon if it's going to work.


J Raitz said...

I am with you, I really like it and am going to stick with it. I do, however, sometimes still see Matt as Chandler.