What's Your Secret Service Name...

A little while ago, I posted on my affinity for the new show, Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. In it's conspicuous absense from Monday Night's Lineup (Come on NBC! Another episode of Deal or No Deal?), I decided to begin my desired viewing of Aaron Sorkin's other show, The West Wing.

Wow! This is an amazing show! I just wrapped season one this morning. After church (and the gym) tonight, I'm starting season 2.

What follows is a list of casual observations, thoughts, and questions about one of my new favorite shows:

-The cast of this show must be the most physically fit cast on television, as they are walking while speaking almost every line of dialogue that they have.

-I really like how they refer to the part of the white house that the President lives in as "The Residence". I think that I'll start calling my new apartment that.

-The President said that he doesn't carry a wallet or keys, and hadn't for some time. I wonder if that's true. I would feel naked without my keys.

-I love how the main characters on the show are so eager to defend each other. Their loyalty inspires me and makes me wonder if our staff is considered that loyal to those on the outside.

-What's the deal with Bradley Whitford's hair? Is he going bald or does he just have an unusually large forehead?

-I like that the President is an economist who has a PhD. I'm tired of every one who is elected to public office having a background in law. This is mainly because I've been wondering for some time if, one day, I could run for public office.

-I had no idea how powerful and involved the President's Chief-of-Staff and Deputy Chief-of-Staff are in our government. In real life, the Chief-of-Staff is Joshua Bolten and the Deputy Chief-of-Staff is Karl Rove.

-I wouldn't mind being the President's personal assistant. In the show, this part is played by Dulé Hill (who, in real life, is an accomplished tap dancer). Lots of stress and running personal errands, but you would have a chance to observe and learn from the most powerful man in the free world.

-I would not, however, like to be in the Secret Service. Which, by the way, curiously has it's own web page. Not-so-secret service?

All in all, this show is totally growing my interest in our federal government. In fact, on a completely unrelated note, the book that I have waiting "on deck" to read is The Audacity of Hope by Senator Barack Obama.

Who knows? Maybe, one day, you could be reading a blog by Joshua Treece, member of the La Mesa/Spring Valley School Board...

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