World Series of Pop Culture...

Ok, the oath of not posting any substance-less posts for a while didn't stay in effect too long. But, the way I see it; this is too big to not mention.

Earlier this year, Vh1 hosted the first ever World Series of Pop Culture. This was one of the most exciting things I had ever...well...gotten excited about. I have said for some time now, that I wish that I was able to memorize things of actual value as easily as I memorize useless pop culture trivia.

Well, now the Lord has decided to put my propensity for learning all kinds of trivial knowledge to good use. Josh Griffin, Allison Hibbard, and myself are forming a team, really an unstoppable juggernaut, to compete in this year's competition.

Auditions are in L.A. in January. The competition is in New York in March. All we need is a good team name. Something that we are all asking for on our respective blogs. Any suggestions are welcome...


Alli Hibb said...

what if we were called the PD Team?

Jake Rutenbar said...

you could be called:
Cherry, Get out of the Fridge
Rocko's Modern Life
Nation of Domination
Theo's Thugs
Danny Tanner's Spring Cleaning Nightmare
Waldo Geraldo Faldo
Hugh Downs owns Barbara Walters

Alli Hibb said...

Cherry, Get out of the Fridge is hilarious.