My 2006 Christmas List...

I promise that I'm not posting this because I am so vain as to think that those of you who read this blog actually want to get me a gift. It just so happens that this is an easy way for my family to access it and for me to show them pictures.

But if you did want to buy me something...

1) A Folee XM Booqbag

2) A nice set of cookware, knives, and utensils (Not another set from Wal-Mart! I'm training for the Iron Chef!) Hmm... maybe this is better off bought online and shipped to me in CA. I'm not sure how well a knife set would get through security at the airport.

3) A white Bose SoundDock

4) The Office: Season 2 DVD

5) Songs From the Labyrinth and Ten Summoner's Tales CDs by Sting

6) Continuum CD by John Mayer

7) The West Wing: The Complete Series DVD Boxed Set This is cheaper if bought off of amazon.com. That way, you don't pay tax or shipping!

8) Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD

9) Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest: Two-Disc Collector's Edition DVD

10) A Green Bay Packers' Cheesehead

11) The Godfather DVD Collection

12) House, M.D.: Season 2 DVD

13) A Gift Certificate for a cooking class with Sam the Cooking Guy

14) Alton Brown's Plunger and Plunger Jr. Set

15) Gift Certificates to Gap or American Eagle

16) Gift Certificates to Barnes and Noble or Borders

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