No Wonder Santa Uses Reindeer...

Wow. Today is finally over. Thank you Jesus! Here's a brief shot of how my day was supposed to go:

5:15am PST- I get to the airport.

6:18- Depart for Chicago, IL.

2:30pm CST- Arrive in Chicago, IL.

3:45- Depart for Columbia, SC.

7:30 EST- Arrive in Columbia, SC. Start eating...

Here's how it actually went:

5:15am PST- I get to the airport.

5:27- I find out that, due to bad weather, my flight has been canceled. So, they put me on as a standby (which is latin for "passenger who has been forgotten about") to another flight to Chicago.

6:18- The flight fills up and I miss it.

6:18-8:59- I wait patiently in line to be assisted in finding an alternative route to get home.

9:15- I find out my only option is to fly to Cincinnati, OH and spend the night, flying to Columbia in the morning. I am not stoked.

9:45- I decide to roll the dice and ask to be put on a standby list for a flight to Atlanta, GA, in hopes that I can catch one of many flights departing from there to Columbia that night.

9:45-11:30- I wait patiently to find out if I can get on the flight.

11:57- I get on the flight.

8:00pm EST- Arrive in Atlanta, GA.

9:45- Depart for Columbia, SC.

10:30- Arrive in Columbia, SC. Collapse from exhaustion and hatred for airline travel.

Now, for you to properly understand the horror that my day entailed, I would have to tell you a tale involving horrible customer service, many, many people crying beside their gates, me knowing more about the airline business than most of the people who work for United and Delta, and worst of all; people who have absolutely NO concept of personal space.

But, it's Christmas, and I won't soil your holiday joy. I'm home. And for now, that's good enough...

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YouthGuyEvan said...

Well, as you said, at least you're home. Be thankful you don't live in Denver... and I do think it's amazing how the customers do tend to know more about airline travel than the folks behind the counter.

Merry Christmas!