Tour De Southern Food: Day 1...

Every year, when I make the trek back to South Carolina, I get most excited about eating at all of my favorite restaurants. I love a lot of things about California, but one thing that I will continue to say is that Californians do not know how to eat. Allison has a series of posts on her blog about her favorite restaurants, so I thought that, while I was home, I would post about my faves too.

The Tour De Southern Food began today with a place called Maurice's Piggy Park. Now, I should qualify this post with this: Maurice Bessinger, the owner of this chain of restaurants, is an outspoken and quite controversial person in South Carolina. This post is an endorsment of his food, not his beliefs.

Maurice's is famous all over the south for it's Carolina Gold brand of barbeque sauce. It's different from traditional barbeque sauce because it's mustard based. So it's yellow. I love the barbeque from this place and I've had my aunt bring me bottles of the sauce when she came out to California. So I had to make sure that I hit this place up while I was home.

Below is a sample of what I had:
Here's a break down of some of the items for those who aren't as versed in southern food:

1) Hush Puppies: These things are basically fried pieces of cornmeal. A.K.A. amazing!

2) Barbeque Hash and Rice: I'm not exactly sure what hash is. It has the consistency of spaghetti meat sauce. I think it's made using pork and barbeque sauce. You put it on rice to eat. I should probably not ask too many questions.

All in all, an amazing meal that was only made better by the fact that it was an all you can eat buffet...


Alli Hibb said...

This is like Puddles' worst nightmare--all of the food is touching!

Puddles said...

Allison, you know me too well.

But BBQ and mustard should never be in the same sentence. Thats just gross.