Tour De Southern Food: Day 9...

Today's tale is one of disappointment and despair. Have your sad face emoticons ready. Editor's Note: You might be wondering where Day 8 of this post series has gone... Believe it or not, I actually just stayed in the whole day and did the cereal and sandwich thing. More on this situation later...

Today, I decided that it was time to accomplish one of my new life goals: Go to (and eat at) restaurants owned by chefs/hosts on the Food Network. Living in the south, the closest restaurant fitting this category is The Lady & Sons, owned by Paula Deen. I've been planning this for at least two months and today was the day!

So, Tommy and I made the 2 1/2 hour drive down to Savannah, GA to enjoy some amazing southern cooking. However, upon arrival, we were greeted with this:
We found out that you have to stand in line just to put your name in for a chance to eat. Well, long story (and wait) short, we didn't get in. When we finally got to the front of the line, we were told by the hostess that they were booked solid for the night. Here's the sign:
Yeah. I know. It sucked.

So, ever the idealist, I knew that the trip could be salvaged. Enter a little thing I like to call "Plan B". We did seafood on the river at a place called Fiddler's Crab House. Here's a pic of my meal (salmon) and our view (the Savannah River):
Not too bad, eh?

On the way back to the car, we stopped back by The Lady & Sons and snuck inside to look around. Here's a pic:

So, the dream is postponed a bit. But, I won't give up. It will happen. As an added bonus, on the way home, we stopped to get gas and found these two guys next to us:
It's always good to see two giant elephants on your way home from a great (if not first choice) dinner...

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Gerry said...

It's alot better when the pink elephant is hallunicanted.

Just sayin'!