Wii Have a Problem...

For some reason, whenever the newest gaming consoles come out, I always seem to pick the less successful one. When it was Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis, I picked Sega Genesis. When it was Sony Playstation vs. Nintendo 64, I picked Nintendo 64. When it was Playstation 2 vs. Xbox, I picked Xbox. Actually, I was rather happy with that decision. Anyway, once again the console war has started with the release of the Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii. So, I am faced with a decision.

I must admit that I have, for the most part, already made up my mind. I want an Xbox 360. This way, I get all the glory of GTA coupled with the indispensable student ministry mainstay, HALO. But, lately I've thought about changing my mind. I mean the PS3 has a built in Blu-ray DVD player. And the Wii... Oh, the Wii.

There's a mall just around the corner from my apartment. In this mall, they have a Wii station set up with about 6 Wii available to play with anytime during regular business hours. Editor's Note: Those of you who think that I could have typed that last sentance without giggling CLEARLY don't know me. And I have to say, the Wii is awesome.

Just this past Thursday I was with some old friends from Orange County and three of the dudes are getting Wiis for Christmas.

I don't know... Maybe it's the peer pressure.

But, to combat the social pressure to conform to what is popular, and for the safety of you, the reader, I bring you wiihaveaproblem.com. It's a website dedicated to reporting all the latest news concerning Wii-related injuries. Allison, should I have just said Wii-lated injuries?

Are any of the other consoles causing bodily harm to their users? Does this mean that the Wii cannot be considered "user-friendly"? Is it now considered "user-hostile"? Does this even matter since you, as Link in the new Zelda game, can take a break and go fishing using fishing motions on their nunchuck control?

Let's not even talk about the possibility of another Mario Kart game...


Brent said...

The Wii is awesome. I played for the first time the other night - so fun. I even operated on a body. Does it get better than that?

Joshua Griffin said...

3 numbers. 3. 6. 0.

Done. JG

Alli Hibb said...

The 360 sucks.
We had 4. 2 broke within a month.
Should I say it again?

Puddles said...

I will sell you my ps3 for the low price of 1,000 dollars. Its worth it.