Greg the Bunny's Entourage...

I would like to share with you my opinion on 2 DVDs that I recently rented. One that I enjoyed and one that I think should be banished to Dante's second circle of Hell.

Greg the Bunny
This is an amazingly funny show about the interactions between humans and "fabricated Americans". Since it's amazing and funny, of course FOX cancelled it. Do yourself a favor and go out and rent or buy it.

Entourage: Season 1
Thank God this season is only 8 episodes long. Although it is semi-funny at times, and although it does have Samaire Armstrong in it, it depicts it's main characters as nothing more than pot smoking, girl chasing moochers whose soul purpose is to keep the main character liking them just enough so that they don't have to go out and get a real job. Even though that does sound slightly awesome (just kidding Mom) it's not funny enough to even rent. I will not be coming back for Season 2...

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Brent said...

I can't comment on Greg the Bunny since I have never seen an episode. I would disagree about Entourage though. Despite the vulgar and crude nature that made me slightly uncomfortable, I found it well written and entertaining.