So I Was Wrong... So Sue Me...

Ok, so I'll admit it. I was pulling for the Cowboys today. Not because I'm a Romo-sexual. But because I kind of wanted to cheer against Puddles in the Superbowl. I'm sticking with my prediction for the AFC championship game. But, here's an update on the NFC and the Superbowl. Anyone want to make it interesting...

AFC Championship
Winner: San Diego Chargers

NFC Championship
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Superbowl XLI
Superbowl Champion: San Diego Chargers


juliehibbard said...

Is Sting still in your ears?

offroadcamry said...

He still is. Only I got his Songs from the Labyrinth and Ten Summnor's Tales CD's for xmas. So I should probably update that feature.