My ABC's...

Ok, so I was tagged by Brent to practice my ABC's. So, here goes...

A--Animal From a Cartoon: Hypnotoad
B--Bread: King's Hawaiian
C--Christmas Movie: Just Friends
D--Disc Golf Course: Morley Field
E--Eagles Song to Play On the Jukebox In the Waffle House: Hotel California
F--Friends Episode: The One With Chandler In a Box
G--Graphic Novel: Origin
H--Hated Tattoo: The One That Allen, Jamin, and Dave Talked Me Into Getting
I--Inspector: Gadget
J--Job I Had In High School: Working Drive-thru at Schlotzsky's Deli
K--Keifer Sutherland Moment Where He Bites a Man In the Neck: Tie Between Lost Boys/24 Season 6
L--Little Richard Commercial: That Geico Commercial
M--Michael: Knight
N--Nick-at-Nite Show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
O--Office Quote From This Past Week: “I want my son to know the dealy-o. The dealy-o of life.” –Michael Scott
P--Puddles Moment: Singing the Weekend Service Announcements To the Tune of Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
Q--Queen of England: Freddie Mercury
R--Real World Cast Member: Tech $
S--Summer: Summer of 2006
T--Thanksgiving: All Four That I Have Spent With Katie, Ron, The Abs, and Puddles
U--Underwear, Place to Purchase: American Eagle
V--Video Game to Rock to: Guitar Hero 2
W--Wedding: Taffy and Sue’s
X--X-man: Colossus
Y--Yeti: The Bumble
Z--Zero Zero Seven Movie: Casino Royale

I tag Puddles, Marko, and Prof. Lovato. Remember, you can't use mine categories...


marko said...

dude, i'm not sure i get it. can you explain?

Puddles said...

Im with Marko on this. I need detailed instructions please.

juliehibbard said...

This is soooo well done!

Alli Hibb said...

here's the way it works. you pick your favorite...but the categories of favorite aren't assigned either...you choose what "a" stands for...and then choose your favorite in that category. endless freedom, endless fun.

Brent said...

Well done.

Alanna Marie said...

R & W are my favorite...