Play Me Some Mountain Music...

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to be asked to travel to Lake Tahoe to teach at my friend Robbie's church. Now, it should be known that this isn't exactly suffering. Hey Josh, wanna come hang out with Middle School students in one of the most beautiful places in the world, teach on Genesis, and get paid for it? Yeah, doy... It should also be known that Robbie could ask me to eat bees, and just because it's him, I would say yes. So, I went.

I know that he'll probably murder me in the face for doing this, but I had to post this picture of Robbie and Jeff doing the rules for the weekend in full Luchador costume. (See above)

At the beginning of the trip, I took a day to myself to spend time with God. During that day, as well as the rest of my time in Tahoe, I was constantly reminded of how God has blessed me by placing me at my church. I love my church! I love the heart of it, the people I work with, and the people who are part of the community we have here.

Ooh, I also wanted to post this: It's the view from Robbie's front yard.

Let's say we walk outside and look to the left. What would we see?

Normal looking neighborhood, right?

But what happens when we look to the right?

Yeah... I guess if you have to have a view. This one will do.

Man, I love Tahoe...

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