Busting Myths, Freezing Toes, and Matted Hair...

We just got back from winter camp this afternoon. It was a weekend filled with driving (lots of driving), snow and ice, time with old friends, and the end of, what has been for me, two weeks of massive amounts of stress.

We teamed up with three other churches to put on this camp and it was, for the most part, a blast. It all started with me meeting with the pastors of the other Middle School groups in Mid-January to plan what this was going to look like. We divvied up responsibilities and began to prepare. I was put in charge of stage design and videos. Now, normally this would delight my heart, as I am thrilled whenever I'm given the chance to be creative. And, it started out that way. But, on the video side of things, it turned into a nightmare of ruined plans for me. More on that later.

Each of the pastors of the four churches that came to the camp spoke at one of the chapels. To be completely honest, I did not put as much time and preparation into my message as I am usually comfortable with. This, coupled with the fact that I was speaking during the Saturday morning session made me a little nervous. But, for reasons beyond my understanding, God chose to speak through me in a big way. It seems like my message on the myth of "It's better to ask forgiveness than permission" aka Romans 6:1-14, was one that a lot of people needed to hear.

By the way, I also fell off of the stage in the middle of my talk.

I'd love to take this opportunity to tell you about the two people in the above photo. Jarred Benitez and Emily Merk, soon to be Benitez, are two of my dearest friends. They also happen to be volunteer leaders in our Middle School ministry.

They are a huge part of why our ministry has made giant strides forward in the past year.

They were responsible for the amazing stage design for the camp. You'll find a picture below.

Go ahead; marvel at its awesomeness.

My hope and prayer is that our students understood a little bit more about God after this weekend all the while getting to know other students a little better than they did before. I love camps...

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