The Quest...

I'm a guy that enjoys a good chase. Something about crusading for something, even when it seems like the pursuit is hopeless, excites me. And, whenever you actually find that elusive object, you are rewarded with a feeling that has no equal.

The quest has occasionally taken the form of a search for certain evasive song. I looked for 2 years before I found Battleflag by the Lo Fidelity All Stars. I had to look twice as long before I could find On Our Own by Bobby Brown. Editor's Note: It's from the Ghostbuster's 2 Soundtrack.

Well, yesterday I found the third gem in my crown of music. I found a song that has been eluding me for a long time. I mean a loooooong time. I found The Most Beautiful Girl In the World. I have been searching for this Prince song for years. YEARS! And I found it in an independant music store in Hillcrest.

God's will be done...

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