These Are A Few...

Here's a few of my faves from the past week...

1. Death Of Captain America

2. Duke Losing In the First Round

3. Guitar Hero II

4. New Friends

5. Cheetos Naturals

6. Teacups

7. 300

8. Hollywood Video

9. Sweet Tea

10. Indiana Jones

Editor's Note: The death of Captain America doesn't actually make me happy in any way. Just the thought of getting my hands on that comic does. After all, it's selling for $40.00 on eBay right now!

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Annie Summers said...

That's fun that I made it to you're favorite things list!! The teacups were very fun, except the almost barfing part. Next time we should wait a LITTLE bit longer after we eat! AND, by the way, I still think you're wrong about Peter Pan.