Wait... What...

Today Ben and I took some students to see Meet the Robinsons. We had planned on going to one theater, but changed our plans at the last minute. I did some checking around online this morning and discovered that a local theater was showing it in digital 3-D! As it turns out, most of the dudes had never seen a movie in 3-D, so I knew I had to make it happen.

Upon arriving at the theater, we were greeted with an extra 2 dollar charge on our ticket price. But, it was well worth it to watch these guys admire the three dimensional goodness. Editor's Note: One of the guys even got scared and jumped a couple of times!

After the movie was over, as we sat in the theater, we talked about how sweet it was that watching this movie was made infinitely more amazing just by wearing a pair of slightly tinted glasses. That's when Ben said:

"Wouldn't it be sweet if we could wear these glasses around everyday and they would make stuff in our real lives 3-D?"

Wait... What...

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