When I Wake Up In the Mornin' The Alarm Gives Out A Warnin'. I Don't Think I'll Ever Make It On Time...

Here's a typical Sunday morning for me:

6:00am- Wake Up, Shower, Breakfast.

7:00- Arrive at church, begin prep for morning service.

8:00- Be completely done with prep so that I can be free to hang with students as they begin arriving.

8:30- First service starts.

10:30- Second service starts.

Now, here's how this morning went:

7:43am- Roll over in bed, realize I slept through my alarm, panic.

7:47- Slip and fall in the shower because I'm trying to hurry up and get to church.

8:00- Arrive at church, rehearse one song with Middle School worship band, begin prep for service.

8:48- First service begins.

9:03- I have the first of what would turn out to be many brain farts on stage as I make my best attempt to form sentences sans coffee.

10:11- My friend and amazing volunteer, Emily, hands me a Latte. My morning officially begins.

Needless to say, second service got 100% more Josh than first...


Alli Hibb said...

oh yikes. i hate days that begin this way...it's so difficult to recover.

Annie Summers said...

Thats pretty crazy... but i think everyone has those days every once in a while.