Important Thoughts #5...

I've been reading Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice. It's a fictionalized account of Jesus' childhood and it's very good. As I was eating breakfast on Friday morning, I ran across a passage that hit me pretty hard. In the passage, Jesus' uncle (Mary's brother) Cleopas is being asked by Jesus why Joseph (Jesus' Earthly father) won't answer his questions about events in his past. Cleopas's reply floored me:

"He doesn't understand things himself," he said. "And when a man doesn't understand, he can't explain."
"Joseph? Not understand?" I asked.
"Yes, that's what I said. I said it for your ears only."
"You understand?" I asked.
"I try," he said. He raised his eyebrows and he smiled. "You know me. You know that I try. But Joseph's way is to wait, wait on the Lord himself. Joseph doesn't have to understand, because Joseph trusts in the Lord completely.

As someone who equates trust with understanding, this has been on my mind for 2 days. If I really trust someone, do I have to understand everything about them? No. Of course not. Why do I live as if this doesn't apply to God? Gosh, this is still running though my head...

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