Knock, Knock...

Allison has a great post up on her blog right now. Like her, I've often wondered who's reading the stuff that I write. So, how does she solve the problem? She decided to ask. So, here's my own brief survey. Please take a sec to fill it out in the comment field...

1) Have we ever met in the real world? If so, when and where?
2) Where are you right now?
3) How did you find out about my blog?
4) Do you have a blog? How do I find it?
5) What, if anything, would you like for me to write on next?


Courtney said...

1) Yes, and you haven't been able to forget me since.
2) Sitting on my couch
3) You are my friend.
4) Yes, but you don't comment on it.
5) A photo tour of your daily life. A phot tour of your favorite places in San Diego.

phil said...

1. nope. it's sad.
2. in michigan...land of the dusty sea horse. ok...that's not true...but i wanted something unique. and i know we have lots of deer...but that's not really unique.
3. Josh Griffin's blog
4. Yes. you turn on your computer. sign in. let everything load...otherwise it gets bogged down...it's messy. you click on the little e (that stands for the intErnEt) and then go to my little sanctuary- http://www.wideopensecrets.blogspot.com
5. The worst $7 ever spent.

Alli Hibb said...

1. Yes. In the church office when I returned from Kenya.
2. I am laying on my bed...in my pjs.
3. You told me about it.
4. I do...click on my name on your page. Actually, click on the link you made of my name in this post.
5. I would like for you to write about comic book background stories. I LOVE comic books and know very little of the actual background stories. (Ex: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-Men) On second thought, maybe I should read the books myself.

newnorth said...

1. noo
2.sitting in my bed failing at falling asleep
3. next blog button :)
4.yeah but no worries mate
5.how to become a millionair (or just how to spell it)

Jason Sansbury said...

1. Nope.
2. My living room in Bellevue, TN
3. Josh Griffin's blog
4. I do. jason.thebrotherssansbury.com
5. I really like your movie stuff. We have similar tastes.

Brent said...

1) Yes, when you interned at church (and last Friday)
2) Babysitting my niece at my sister's house
3) Probably from your comments on Allison's blog
4) Yes, click the link on your blog
5) I think you do a pretty good job picking your own topics

Laura said...

2.our church Youth Room (aka "my office") in Oakland, CA
3.i googled Youth Ministry related stuff many months back. I was looking for ideas, saw that you also had non-work-related interests and became a fan.
4.no. or at least, not yet
5.I like not knowing what you are going to write.