Lunch With a Hero...

Sometimes, you just get blessed with a great day. Friday was that day. It started when I drove up to Orange County and had lunch with Josh at Red Robin. It's always a great time when Josh is involved. He's one of my heroes. So what do two guys who love ministry, movies, laughing, and all things technology talk about?

  • Spider-man 3
  • How to make iTunes work for you
  • What are some things that an intern needs to know to get the most out of their internship
  • American Idol and Chris Sligh
  • How blogging can help the church

    But the day didn't end there. Afterwards, I got to hang out with Annie for a few minutes and help her run some errands. We even ran into McGill while we were out! Later on, HSM was getting back from their week in Ensenada, so I hung around and talked with Allison for a few.

    The day concluded with Stephen, Brian, and I grabbing some pizza and talking for a couple of hours. Stephen's looking for a job as a Middle School pastor, so we talked for a bit about my experience in looking for a job 2 years ago.

    Such a great day! Any day that's filled with hanging out with people you care about is always OK with me...

    Courtney said...

    Poo, you must have just missed me...ohh wait if Allison was home then Jake and My caravan must have still been stuck in Mexico at that time. We left at 1 and got home at 9. Booo to you MEXICO!

    Brent said...

    Fun day. Next time work in some Dland and it would just about be perfect.