Maybe... Possibly... Could Be... The Best Game Ever...

Last year, for Easter, I made up a game called Egg-Head. I was trying to think of a way to make it even better this year, so I did what any wise man would; I called in reinforcements. So, after talking with Allison, I had been given a super sweet idea. Basically, kids take turns opening Easter eggs. They're looking for a pair of movie tickets that are hidden in one egg. What's in the other eggs? Well, there are some good foods... And there are some bad foods... Oh yeah, and the good and the bad are combined in the same eggs. Here's a list of the combos...

1) Peanut Butter & Spam

2) Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies & Mayonaisse

3) Hershey's Chocolate & Bumblebee Tuna

4) Oreos & Dill Pickle Slices

5) Circus Animal Cookies & Mushrooms

6) Peeps & Jalapeno Peppers


Annie Summers said...

So fun! I think that Oreo's and ketchup would be a good one. You're great at your job!!

Alli Hibb said...

You are ridiculous for putting your name on the background of that slide so no one would steal it.

Hopefully someone doesn't decide to call the game "Josh Treece is an Egg Head" because then they could just use the slide as is.

Brent said...

Are they forced to eat what's in the egg in order to get another egg?