I have been racking my brain all day trying to decide what to write about for my 300th post. I thought about making a list of my top 300 favorite movies, but decided that that would be too tough and take too long. Then, I thought about writing a list of the top 300 blog posts I've ever written, but I realized that it would only be 299 posts long. Here's what I landed on:

Signifigant Characteristics of My Life When I Was 3, 13, and 23:

Age 3:
Where Was I?
-Lexington, SC
Favorite Article of Clothing?
-Yellow sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse embroidered on it
Thing That Scared the Crap Out of Me?
-Michael Jackson's Thriller video
Favorite Pastime?
-I don't know! Trying to learn how to control when I go to the bathroom...

Age 13:
Where Was I?
-West Columbia, SC
Favorite Article of Clothing?
-Well... I think it might have been a t-shirt that looked just like Fred Flintstone's shirt.
Who Did I Have a Crush On?
-Maya Pai. We went to the eighth grade dance together. While we were dancing (without bending our elbows) I asked her if she wanted to go out. She said yes, but thought I meant outside to get fresh air. Yep, even then I was pretty smooth...
What Did I Think I Would Be When I Grew Up?
-I think it alternated between cartoonist, lawyer, and Grammy™ award winning singer. Oh yeah! And stand-up comedian!

Age 23:
Where Was I?
-Orange County, CA
Favorite Article of Clothing?
-My Chicago Police t-shirt and my gray baseball cap.
Did I Really Think My Hair Looked Good Like That?
-Like what? Like This? Nope. I was just growing it to see if I could. Mental toughness...
What Food Did I Encounter For the First Time?
-Guacamole. I thought it looked like dog vomit, but I tried it anyway. It gave me the gags.

So thanks, dear readers, for being a part of the process with me. I love to write and I can't believe that you actually read my stuff. You're awesome! Here's to 300 more...

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Annie Summers said...

Congrats on your 300th blog post! I only have 25... maybe somday I will catch up...