Announcing the Greatest Tournament of All Time...

Forget about March Madness. Throw away the NBA playoffs. Ditch the King of the Ring. This is the only tournament you'll ever need. After Sam Raimi broke my heart (see the banner to this blog), I decided to find out what the best movie this summer is the good old fashioned way: by asking the people.

As you can see, I've set the bracket below. Seeds were determined by the website Fantasy Moguls. As you can see, as my service to you, I will place each movie's official Yarmulke™ rating next to it. That way, you can take my opinion, which means about as much as the plot to Spider-man 3, into consideration when voting.

So, as each movie is released, I'll ask you guys to vote on which movie you thought was better. Simple enough, right? I can't wait to see what you guys think...


Brent said...

Nice banner.

Not quite sure I get this bracket yet though.

TS Harrison said...

I thought I'd through out my "pre"-summer guess:

Pirates loot Knocked Up

Harry Potter immobilizes Rush Hour

The Four surf over 13

And the Transformers find that Bruce doesn't Die Hard.

In the Semi-finals my guess would be:

Potter doesn't Die Hard
3 beats 2

And finally:

The story is only beginning to build in the 5th installment while a trilogy comes to a close.

Better start learning Parsaltongue!

TS Harrison said...

Huh... I completely mispelled "through" didn't I.


Rachel said...


Alli Hibb said...

SO unfair to pair Harry (Potter) and Phil (Spiderman)...Harry will SO OBVIOUSLY kick Phil's butt.