Myth Busted...

In the past two days, I've found myself in several debates as to whether something was scientifically possible or not. As I've attempted to offer my best retort to my opponent's assertions, I've found myself wielding an unnatural, but strangely effective, power. It appears as if I possess the ability to win any argument over plausibility by simply speaking this magic phrase:

Mythbusters did it. And they said it was (true/untrue).

Seriously. Tonight, someone said Diet Coke could dissolve a penny. Well, I bought the first season of Mythbusters on DVD and they tested that and said it wasn't true. So I said so. They instantly dropped the argument. Somehow, the magic phrase carries with it quite a bit of authority.

So, next time you find yourself in a friendly, or not so friendly, debate with a friend; just speak the magic words "Mythbusters did it. And they said it was (true/untrue)." and step back and enjoy your victory.

P.S. For the other reason why I love this show, just click here...

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Brent said...

Heck yes (for both reasons to love the show, especially the second one)!