Quick Robin, To the Divorce Mobile...

We had Jarred's bachelor party two weekends ago. On the way to one of our 5 stops I finally captured a pic of my most elusive quarry yet: The Divorce Mobile! I've seen it down by the Mission Valley Mall almost every time I've gone there, but I've never had my camera. So, along with my camera, I've actually gone there with the expressed purpose of finding this van. But, everytime I've tried, I've been met with disappointment. But not this time. I spotted my prey, made a quick u-turn, and the rest is photographic history...

Here are some problems I have with advertising your law services for the dissolution of matrimony on the side of a van:

1) When you advertise your law practice on the side of a van, it makes you look cheap. People might be led to believe that your business isn't doing so well and that you can't afford classier places to advertise. Places like a bus stop bench, a poster in the window of a tattoo parlor downtown, or on the scoreboard of a WNBA game (David Hughes knows what I'm talking about).

2) Oh, I get it. You're trying to be clever. You're advertising the speed of your services using a motor vehicle because motor vehicles are fast. But, you picked a VW van, a vehicle not commonly associated with speed. May I make a few suggestions for faster vehicles on which to advertise your classy services? I don't care if you answer yes or no. Here's the list:
  • A 1996 Toyota Corolla
  • A mobility scooter stolen from a local assisted living facility
  • A pair of Heelys
  • Pretty much anything
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    David Hughes said...

    nice heely's reference :)

    thanks for the link too ;)

    oh and for some reason my captcha code below is lookin really easy to type. I can't wait to tackle that sucker...

    bring it on zpdpy...you're not fooling me.