Target, We Are In a Fight...

Target, I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to air our dirty laundry in front of the world. But what you've done needs to be told. This story is important. It's telling could help people. They could benefit from my righteous anger. Much in the way that Jesus purged the temple, I will rid your stores of this vile example of cultural downfall.

What do you mean you don't know why we're in a fight? Ugh... I'm so disappointed. I'm not even sure I should tell you. This afternoon, as I walked your aisles in search of candy to reward my small group for memorizing their Bible verse, I noticed a DVD in your electronics section. Now, I should say that it's not the apparent subject matter of this "movie" that upsets me, as I stilll find Half Baked to be extremely funny. But, it was the "marketing enhancement" that you chose to allow to be placed on the packaging that has me angry.

Now, I understand your concern that a quality film the likes of Bong Water might not sell the most copies. And, I understand your need to somehow spice up its marketing with a modern twist like "scratch n' sniff". But why on earth would you feel like it was a good decision to make the scent that was produced upon one's scratch to be that of the sticky icky?

Don't you remember that there are kids that walk your aisles? Kids that like to both scratch and sniff things? How could you allow such a product into your stores? How could you be OK with being the sole entity that is potentially responsible for introducing children to the scent of pot?

Seriously Target, I am pissed. Until this product disappears from your shelves (or at least the "scratch n' sniff" packaged version) you can officially consider us in a fight.

You'd better hope this gets solved quick...


Brent said...

Scratch 'n sniff Mary Jane?
That's hilarious.

Annie Summers said...

stupid target... they just lost about 5 brownie points in my book!

Lisa said...

dood! it smells like patchouli.