They Can Feel It All Over...

We're now approaching the time in American Idol where things get interesting. Well, usually things get interesting. This season: not so much. Anyway, I've always loved how they give the contestants a chance to sing with an artist of their choosing. This past weekend, Puddles and I talked about, if we were on the show, who we'd pick to sing with. Here's my list:

I couldn't pick just one. So, I'd start here and narrow it down.

1) Aerosmith

2) Jamie Cullum

3) Elton John

4) Rascal Flatts

5) Third Day

6) Stevie Wonder

If you had to pick, who would you want to sing with...


Alli Hibb said...


Christina Aguilera

James Taylor

Carole King

Justin Timberlake (but only because he's pretty hot)

John Mayer (I just want to harmonize, he can be the lead)

Jason Sansbury said...

There is only one man who I would sing and one song I would bring:
Neil Diamond's "Coming to America"!

Puddles said...

R Kelly
DC Talk
Meat Loaf
Bono (How could he not be on the list?)
Willie Nelson
Kelly Clarkson (that one is a given)

Brent said...


Julie Hibbard said...

John Mayer
Billy Joel
Chris Martin
Allison Hibbard