The Gospel According to Adam Sandler...

I believe that I've mentioned before that my church, every year, does a series called God At the Movies. It's our church's biggest series of the year as far as visitor attendance goes. A lot of that has to do with how easy it is to invite someone to a church service revolving around a current movie. This is the last weekend of the series and it was "people's choice". Well, the people chose the movie Click.

Now, you might think that there could be no redeemable truth contained in an Adam Sandler movie, but you'd be wrong. When I watched it upon its initial release, I thought a lot about it afterwards. But, some of the things that our teaching pastor, Ed, pointed out tonight were quite new, and very needed, to me.

Here's a little taste...

  • There can be a big difference between the life that we choose and the life that we want.

    Life Saving Corrections
    1) The who is defining "happy" correction. (What is the good life?) Most of the time we all feel tension between our desire to persue excellence in our professional life and our various loves in our personal life. We feel like success is keeping both going at full steam all the time. Too bad it's not possible. You can't give 100% of yourself to more than one thing. Let's be clear: we will always be disappointing someone.

    2) I can't pick and choose which moments to really live! (Being present with God in the moment takes practice!) I don't know if this is true for you, but I feel like every birthday that I have makes the following year go by even faster than the last. If we're not very purposeful in how we live our lives, always inviting God into them and really living each moment as if we'll never get it back, then out tendency of going on autopilot can take over and we'll blink and miss everything. Parents, back me up on this. How long did it take for your kids to go from diapers to prom dresses? Be careful about waiting for things to "slow down".

    3) This has to be a constant correction: Live life one choice at a time. We choose our destiny (who we are and who we are becoming) one choice at a time. Our spiritual battles are fought (and won or lost) one choice at a time. It's the whole "eat the elephant one bite at a time" principle. We tend to think that we can't change who we are. That we are what we are. But the main thing we are doing is becoming! We are (or can be) in a constant state of flux. I think that the 3rd biggest gift that God gave us was the gift of choice. (The first two being life and salvation.) We have an amazing power in being able to choose what our lives look like and who we are becoming. God help us if (and when) we waste it. It's also important for us to remember that practice makes permanent. I mean, we can make the same choice over and over again thinking it's the right thing, but unless it truely is, our practice isn't making us perfect. It's making us perfectly wrong in a very permanent way.

    4) The glass plate correction. Ed said that he and his family used to watch Ed Sullivan every Sunday night. He said that they used to have a guy come on all the time that would spin plates on these dowel rods. He'd have about 6 or 7 going at once. As soon as he'd get the last one up, the first one would begin to wobble. SO he'd run back to it and spin it some more. Well, as much as he tried, every now and then one would still fall. The secret, Ed said, was that some plates were made of plastic. So, he always made sure to pay more attention to the glass plates than he did the plastic ones. We're always going to have plates that drop, we have to be careful which plates we let drop.

    So many of us tend to live in (work toward and plan for) the future while thinking about (dwelling on) the past. But, what would life be like if we could live, I mean really live, in the present while thinking about the future? The thing that I love the most about God is that he can redeem your past, present, and future (no matter what they may hold) if only we would trust Him!

    And you thought Adam Sandler movies were all about fart jokes and frostbitten foots. Want to listen to the message yourself? Just click here...
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    I love this movie....

    And regarding my craftiness....that was my first attempt at art, so I was pretty impressed with myself :). So yes, that's what I meant, though I am very clever.