Have You Seen My Childhood...

As I sat and watched the MTV Movie Awards tonight, I couldn't help but think these thoughts:
  • I think that I can vaguely recall a time when MTV played music videos. This is, of course, in direct contrast to now; where all they broadcast is award winning shows like Date My Mom and The X Effect.
  • Maybe it's just me, but movies today aren't like movies from when I was growing up. I feel like I can't talk about most of the movies that come out today with my students.

    So, in an effort to relive some of my childhood, here's a list of a few of my favorite movies from when I was a kid:

  • The Sword In the Stone- This might be my most watched Disney movie growing up. I used to love the idea that Arthur had a destiny that he didn't know about. Something big that he was meant for, but needed someone to help him find his way toward. I also like how he got to turn into a bird. Magic is awesome...

    Ernest Goes to Camp- I know that people make fun of the Ernest movies and say that they're dumb. But those are the same people that watch what MTV has to offer. I don't care who you are, Ernest is funny. And, in this movie, he sings a song to a turtle. UH-mazing...

    The Rocketeer- This is an amazing superhero movie. It's got a totally retro feel, a sweet jet pack, awesomely over-the-top bad guys, and Jennifer Connelly. What more could you possibly want? And yes, I used to make my own helmet out of a cardboard box. And it was awesome...

    Little Shop of Horrors- Yes, it's a musical. But it has a plant that eats people. Aww heck, I loved it anyway. I used to watch it all the time. I knew all the songs. I loved it...

    What are some of your fave childhood movies?


    Alli Hibb said...

    I LOVE Little Shop of Horrors!!

    I also loved:
    Robin Hood (Disney)
    Beauty and the Beast
    Amadeus (I know, so strange)
    Benji: The Hunted

    TS Harrison said...

    I can't say that I have ever seen or really want to see Little Shop of Horrors.
    But the Rocketeer...you are spot on with that. Awesome! A guy with a jet propelled rocket straped to his back fighting Nazis. How could that not be a formula for success? And I still have a crush on Jennifer Connelly.
    I also agree with you on almost all the Ernest movies. The basketball one was cheese, but camp forever rules. I'm proud to say that I have both Camp and Jail in my collection. I love the cooks, especially Eddie with his eyes. "...eggs erroneous. It's made with powdered eggs and herbs and spices smuggled into this country by Tibetan monks."
    Now my personal fav animated flick would have to be Oliver & Company. "If this is torture chain me to a wall." It had Billy Joel and Joey Lawrence (Whoa!)
    Other childhood faves:
    - The Last Starfighter
    - The Neverending Story
    - The Goonies
    - Ghostbusters
    - Flight of the Navigator
    - Karate Kid
    - The Secret of NIHM
    - Mr. Mom
    - And of course Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Rocky movies

    Becky said...

    The Original Vacation Movie
    The Karate Kid
    For SURE The Neverending Story
    And, as I got a little bit older
    Can't Buy Me Love (I think I watched that a million times)
    The Little Mermaid was my fav. Disney Movie, I can sing every song word for word still.
    Thanks, it was fun reminiscing

    Julie Hibbard said...

    I think you are my child. Except for Ernest. Ugh.

    Brent said...

    Sword in the Stone! I could watch that, and it would never get old.