Prayer of a Father...

One of the many reasons why I love my church:

We have a couple of different prayer teams at our church. One of these teams is specifically committed to praying for the personal and professional needs of us pastors. Well, one of the men on this team heard about my dad's visit this weekend, as well as a little bit of background on my story. He said he felt a strong nudge from God to pray for me, so he stopped by my office this afternoon and did just that. He told me all about his relationship with his dad, and how God had provided healing there. Then, he listened as I relayed some of my story. Afterwards, just as he said he would, he prayed for me.

I couldn't help but feel so incredibly blessed that God would send someone to me just to pray for me.

Thanks so much for putting me where you put me, Lord. I love my church...


Annie Summers said...

That is so awesome. I'm glad that you are so happy!

Steve said...


Many times I have seen God prepare us for events in our life by creating nervous energy, sending us messages, and teaching us things years in advance that we don't know we will need. Rest assured that God has prepared you for this, and find your peace in Him as the event moves forward.

Your Father in Heaven loves you, perfectly.

Your father on earth loves you, imperfectly.

You are loved, and cannot lose.

Your father will see in you a man who not only provides his own means, relying upon himself, but who also is relied upon by many people who have high standards. The responsibility of your influence is not a secondary priority at Journey. Your work affects thousands of people, and Journey requires it to be excellent.

Trust me, you are excellent at what you do, whether your father can see it or not. (He might not understand the strategies and delicate nature of middle schooler leadership techniques.) To do what you do requires more love and courage than I ever knew was possible in a man. I could line up 100,000 men and give them each a three week stint at Middle School Ministry. Only one, on average, would have what it takes. The rest would be a wreck. So, maybe you are not one in a million, but one in a hundred thousand isn't too bad, eh?

You impact the lives of hundreds of youths as they are deciding who they will be for the rest of their lives. You are sowing seeds of greatness in the soil that is rich and fertile.

For them, as well as you (and Ben Stiller's character in Night at the Museum), greatness comes as an opportunity presented, and in our response to the given opportunity we either take a step down the path or up the path. Up the path is harder, but the view is better.

You are a minister of Jesus, but also a minister of fun - I have seen you give out hundreds of smiles at a time - and so... have fun with your dad this weekend...

... and know you are loved.


BTW - I love the way you honor your father with the name of your blog. That's cool son stuff.