The Pursuit of Happyness...

On May 1st of this year I celebrated my two year Journeyversary. I've been at my church for two years! It seems like I just got hired yesterday. In fact, I still remember my interview weekend.

I was scared to death. But, at the end of the weekend, I knew that this was a place that I wanted to be a part of. One of the things that hooked me in was the teaching series that Ed, our teaching pastor, was in at the time. It's called God at the Movies and it has become a yearly occurrence here.

Now, I'm a huge fan of this series for the obvious reason: I'm a huge movie guy. But, I also love it because it's so easy to invite someone to. Hey, do you like movies? We're talking about one this week at church. Wanna come?

The movie that Ed taught on during my interview weekend was Ray, my favorite at the time. Tonight's lesson was on The Pursuit of Happyness, and it was UH-mazing!

Here are a few things that hit me hardest:

  • Life is about PURSUIT!
    *If 80% of success is "SHOWING UP", the other 20% is about "ENDURANCE".

    What goes into endurance?
    1) IMAGINATION- an intrinsic sense of DESTINY, DIGNITY, and WORTH.

    2) Immunity to the "VISION SUCKING NEGATIVITY" that seems to be everywhere.

    3) OPEN EYES- Be alert to what God is doing BEHIND THE SCENES.

  • Should we pursue happiness? ABSOLUTELY! But be careful HOW and WHERE. As with anything, when we pursue happiness outside of God, it can become dangerous.

    I got hit hard with thiis part!
  • Is there a key to our "pursuit of happiness"? Yes! TRUST GOD!

    I would definitely recommend clicking here to download the podcasted message...
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