Willow Arts Conference: Day Two...

Today was all about special topical break outs that we pre-registered for. Last year, I didn't have a chance to pick ahead of time, so I had to take what was left. This year, I was a little more purposeful and preemptive in my registration. So, I got the four that I wanted. Here's some on each:

The Art of Teaching by John Ortberg
I've never been a big Ortberg guy. But I thought that this was a great workshop.
  • For a church to do well, 2 spiritual gifts have to be present: Leadership and Teaching. If they're not there from the start, it's difficult for a church to get any traction.
  • How do you tell if you have the gift of teaching?
    *You have a positive anticipation for the preparation process. (Reading, research, outline process)
    *Where this gift is present, there will be a simultaneous process of illumination and communication. (As soon as you learn something you think, “How do I communicate this to people”.)
    *People with the gift live with a deep conviction that God’s word can transform a human life.
    *There's a God-given ability to discern and respond to a congregation. (A radar to read an audience.)
    *People with the gift receive widespread affirmation from others for their teaching. (Not just "you're a good speaker", but lives changed, reconciled relationships, job shift, addictions broken, a shift in belief, hope given.)
    *People with the gift receive the quiet assurance of the Holy Spirit that they are in the right roll for the right reasons.

  • How do you you hone your gift of teaching?
    *Listen to a variety of great preaching, (As you listen, discern why they’re doing what they’re doing) brainstorm with people who teach.
    *Understand and be very clear on what is at stake. (James 3:1)
    *Cultivate a deep rich inner life with Christ. (If my teaching doesn’t flow out of my own life, we’re all in trouble.)

  • The 7 deadly sins of teachers:
    *Lack of authenticity
    *Fear (In order to teach people well, you need to be free of the need for people to like you.)
    *Plagiarism (Lack of integrity)

    Got Blog? by Kem Meyer
    I wanted this to be a great workshop. But it was basically an introduction to blogging. She spent a lot of time defining what a blog is and even spent about 25 minutes showing the group how to set up a blog on Blogger. I feel like I could have picked something that could have been a little more beneficial to me. Here's a couple of things I picked up:
  • Read The Blogging Church by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch
  • Why blog for ministry?
    *People are skeptical. They don’t want to hear from the establishment. They want to hear from a person. Blogging shows the unfiltered work of a real person.
    *It provides a face and personality to leaders in the church. You can’t disciple 1,000 people face to face, but you can post something personal that can touch 1,000 people.
    *It provides a face and personality to leaders in the church.

    These next two were Weekend Service showcases meant to give tons of examples of ideas on how to do some things differently in your own setting.

    Mosaic Church
    I was the most excited about this workshop. i've heard for so long that Mosaic is a church that's bent towards artists, that I've always wanted to check it out for myself. I kind of felt like I could belong there. Unfortunately, this was the biggest letdown of the whole day. Instead of presenting us with ideas, they put on a mini-service. But I'm sure not like the ones they put on there. Here's what they did: 3 songs, a dance, and a 45 minute message on John 10. No video. No ideas. Not that it was bad. But it was just... ordinary. I could have seen the same thing, minus the dance, at any church anywhere on any Sunday. I was so disappointed. My teammates that went last year said it was bad then too. I'm not sure I'd reccomend this workshop to anyone. I still want to check out the church.

    Granger Community Church
    Here's the deal: Granger is revolutionizing what it looks like to use technology and creativity in a weekend service setting. Rather than me trying to prove it, just go to their website, click on their media player and watch some awesome videos. Start by clicking on extras and then selecting "viewmaster". Be careful though. It's a video from their sex series. So, you know, use discernment. I'll post some of their processes on creative programming a little later. I would highly recommend going to anything they do.

  • The evening concluded with a "short film" festival that churches submited entries into. Very cool to see some of the work others are doing...
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    Jason Raitz said...

    I missed the Ortberg time, so thanks for your notes. I, on the other hand, have always been a huge JO fan.